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Essence Restaurant COVID-19 Dine-in Policies

We are overwhelmed with gratitude to be opening our dining rooms to all our Essence guests! Please follow these critical procedures so that everyone may continue to enjoy their dining experience.

Physical Distancing Policies for Guests

  • Fully vaccinated guests do not have to wear face coverings in the restaurant.
  • All non-vaccinated guests are still required to wear proper face coverings.
  • Guest showing any signs of cold, flu, cough, fever, red eyes, excessive sneezing, and/or other COVID-19-like symptoms will not be allowed to come inside or will be asked to leave.
  • Contact tracing is still in effect. Each head of household must submit contact information or have a reservation.

Staff Guidelines

  • All fully vaccinated associates do not have to wear face coverings.
  • All non-vaccinated associates must continue to wear proper face coverings.

Disinfection & Sanitation Protocols

  • We are working with JAN-PRO for all cleaning, disinfection and sanitation needs.
  • Morning and evening team leader sanitation checks, disinfection standards and sanitation between all parties.
  • All hand-washing sinks to have proper signage.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations are readily available.
  • All restaurants have had HVAC systems installed with ionizers to ensure we have the cleanest air possible for all associates and guests. The ionizers kill 99.9% of all viruses, including the COVID-19 strain.


JAN-PRO’s EnviroShield solution comes in two forms; both applied by electrostatic atomizer:

  1. First application - Sniper: Short-term solution that has instant efficacy (on the N list)
  2. Second application - Endure: Long-term solution that has the desired effectiveness for well past 6 months

How EnviroShield Works:

  1. JAN-PRO’s EnviroShield system first sprays a CDC and CBC COVID-19 approved medical grade disinfectant powerful enough to kill 99.999% of harmful fungus, bacteria and viruses; including E Coli and Listeria, MRSA, H1N1, the common cold and flu, and other similar enveloped viruses like coronavirus.
  2. The EnviroShield equipment features electrostatic technology that applies a negative charge to a 30-micron droplet, ensuring 100% surface coverage. This is the only application method recommended by the CDC as effective for disinfection. This is not fogging which is not recommended for disinfection by the CDC.
  3. The electrostatic charge causes the disinfectant to cling to and wrap around every surface it touches—thus providing total disinfection manual cleaning, foggers and other disinfection methods cannot provide.
  4. Our disinfectant is safe enough for everyday use and will not cause skin, eye or respiratory issues. It has the lowest possible EPA classification of 4, meaning that it is safe in any circumstance.
  5. It is environmentally friendly, non-caustic and will not leave behind any residue, odor, damaged surface finishes or electronics.
  6. With the 6-month solution, you can continue to wipe down areas without diminishing its effectiveness.
  7. Our unique sprayer allows us to treat areas that other cleaning systems cannot reach effectively.

EnviroShield fights 24 hours a day for well beyond 6 months on every treated surface. Even on copper and stainless steel, COVID-19 remains potent out to 4 hours and 72 hours respectively, while remaining active on other surfaces in the right environment up to 17 days (cruise ships). Those same surfaces coated in Endure kills COVID-19 in 4 minutes or less.

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