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Our Mission

Delivering the maximum guest experience with superior food, beverage and service.

Our Vision

To be West Michigan’s most respected restaurant destination.

Our Story

Food First. Guests Always.

At Bistro Bella Vita, we’re driven by passion, servant leadership and most importantly—exceptional dining experiences. We believe that good enough simply isn’t good enough. It’s time to discover something special and taste commitment and creativity. Choose passion and purpose. Live the good life. It’s time to accept nothing short of exceptional at Bistro Bella Vita.

Modern French & Italian Cuisine

Our specialty is Modern French & Italian Cuisine made from scratch with as many sustainably-sourced ingredients as possible.

  • Enjoy homemade pasta, brick-oven pizzas, rotisserie-roasted meats, and freshly prepared tiramisu
  • Taste the difference of the highest-quality cuisine created with sustainably-sourced produce
  • Experience fresh seafood shipped directly to our chefs
  • Delight in our exceptional, accommodating, professional service
  • Try our specialty gluten-free menu or custom dishes prepared for lactose intolerant, vegetarian and vegan diets